GetRightSideUp Campaign

Sometimes for teens and young adults, the whole world can feel upside down. Getting right side up means providing resources to teens and young adults that help them better understand depression and suicide.

GETRIGHTSIDEUP is a subcommittee of the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition. We are made up of various organizations and schools in Delaware. The mission of GETRIGHTSIDEUP is to promote mental well being and suicide awareness to the youth population. We are focused on raising awareness on the topic of youth suicide and promoting help seeking behavior in youth. Our aim is to educate parents, youth and the community of Delaware and help individuals play an active part in suicide prevention. We hope to do this by providing youth volunteer opportunities and planning events and activities for the school year. We also want to provide resources for the community so that all feel ready, willing and able to help.

The four messages we want to spread are:

  • To the Youth“Find Balance in an Uneven World”
  • To the Parents & Family“Your Support Can Help Your Teen Get Back on Solid Ground”
  • To the Educators“Your Involvement Can Help Your Students Get Right Side Up”
  • To the Community“Reaching Out to Create a Suicide-Safe Communities”