GetRightSideUp is Delaware’s Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition

It’s not unusual for teens to feel down or have the blues. But when the blues become more serious, depression – even suicide – can result.

We will help you deal with your problems today, link joom. We'll find a way out of your situation. GetRightSideUp provides guidance and resources that will help various segment of society understand and deal with young people who may be dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. We hope you’ll use these tools to support a teen who may be in need. You may not know that your teen is thinking about something like this, read You need to constantly communicate with him.

Try to solve his problems with him yourself by following our guide, But not always these problems are visible in fact, everything is hidden.

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The new GetRightSideUp logo created by Grace Duncan (Dickinson High School 2016)
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